Stopwatch represents about 10 years worth of thinking and tinkering with time & social related projects. In 2009 I launched a pre-cursor called DailyBooth. It ultimately failed but I couldn’t shake the idea of trying again. 


Stopwatch is a time network. It’s a continuous timeline of things happening around the world.



You can:

  • Scroll back to specific moments in time and relive them from different perspectives, simultaneously.
  • Content is synchronized by time. People across the globe can see what moments the community deems most interesting at any given second.
  • Create and share links to specific moments in time:

Help us test the app?

We’re currently in private beta. If you’d like to help us test the app you can join the waitlist on We’re launching publicly in Q4 of 2019.


Can I email you sometimes?

I occasionally send out emails about stuff I’m working on. Invites to try new products, new blog posts, youtube channels worth binge watching, and other stuff like that. Drop your email below if that sounds interesting.