Skeleton Party

    Things completely shut down in China over Chinese New Year, so progress on the slingshot completely stopped.

    To pass the time I made a dancing skeleton iOS sticker page for Dead Eye Club.

    I know people don't really use sticker packs at all — before this project I don't think I had ever seen an iOS sticker used in the wild — but I thought it would be a humorous, on-brand addition to the Dead Eye Club's product lineup.

    I found a listing on fiverr to make an iOS sticker pack for $100. I just needed to provide the stickers (which are just images in a specific size and format) and they would create the app, and submit everything for you. Sweet!

    The animated skeletons

    I made a list of popular dance moves that I thought would translate well to the medium of an animated skeleton gif.

    I jumped onto Upwork to try and find an animator and without much thought or research I hired one of the first applicants that applied for the job and didn't quote much. I was trying to spend as little as possible on this project because it was a free app, that more than likely nobody will download, and even fewer people will ever use!

    After a few weeks of waiting the animator started to send over some previews. Hot take: they were...not quite what I was expecting.

    I was really hoping that the animations would be silky smooth and perfectly in time with the source videos. They were.... not.




    Reality. 😂

    A bit dejected I sent the skeletons around to a few friends to basically vent about how painfully badly they turned out.


    An actual reaction!

    The reaction I got was surprisingly positive. They were clearly terrible, there was no denying that. But weirdly, it was precisely because they were terrible that made them so much un to send around.

    I decided to just embrace how bad they were. I think it's pretty on-brand for Dead Eye Club's goal of making top quality mischief.

    Making an ad

    If this entire project wasn't already ridiculous enough I manged to convince my buddy Nato, a filmmaker and legend in St. Louis, to help make an ad (thanks Nato).

    The sticker pack is free through the app store, and will definitely help you lose friends and alienate people. Enjoy!

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    Skeleton Party

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