topwatch represents about 10 years worth of thinking and tinkering with time & social related projects. In 2009 I launched a pre-cursor called DailyBooth. It ultimately failed but I couldn’t shake the idea of trying again. Stopwatch is me trying again.

I started working on Stopwatch in 2018. The state of social networking at the time, and still, is pretty depressing. Quite literally actually. Exasperated by mismatched incentives and algorithms controlling what you see… what used to be a fun way to pass the time has slowly become an anxiety inducing mess.

This time is a bit different

Stopwatch is a connected time network. Time is a universal constant that invisibly connects everyone on earth already. Stopwatch aims to make that connection a bit more visible.

On stopwatch you can save and share moments in time. All moments are saved in place on a master timeline at the precise location corresponding to the exact timestamp of the clip.

This is the wrong clip. Please ignore this. 🙂

Scrolling on the timeline controls time directly. Perspectives of moments seamlessly start playing as soon as you scroll to the corresponding moment in time that overlaps with them. It’s a cool experience. It really feels like you’re scrolling through time. It’s the closest thing to a time machine in the app store.

You can deep link to moments in time with the following URL structure. Is there a moment in time you want to save or share? Just grab the link.

An early mock showing how the UI functions when perspectives overlap.

Follow some people or just scroll through the firehose of everything that’s happening around the world.

Everything is, and always will be, in order. Things make a lot more sense when you’re seeing things that happened chronologically since the last time you opened the app vs an algorithm deciding to show you a posts from days ago.

Connecting time has some interesting implications

When groups of friends all film the same moment from different perspectives so much more context is added. You can relive the same moment through the eyes of your friends and view things from different angles.

Shared experiences through time is something that wasn’t possible before. Now if you’re watching a live event you can see reactions from friends and strangers around the world for any moment throughout the game.

Note how everyone jumps up at exactly the same moment

These people are watching the same football game. They don’t know each other but they’re connected by time. Time is a great and serendipitous way to meet people with similar interests.

❤️ Likes are a bit more meaningful

A “like” is no longer just a number that increases by 1. On stopwatch you like individual seconds in time. A looping gif is then generated for that precise second. You can save these privately or share them.

Stopwatch is a gif generation machine

Help us test the app?

We’re currently in private beta. If you’d like to help us test the app you can join the waitlist on We’re launching publicly in Q4 of 2019.