I founded Peel in 2012 after failing to find an iPhone case that wasn’t disgusting. At the time all iPhone cases were huge, bulky things that were covered in branding. It seemed insane to me to spend so much on a aesthetically pleasing phone only to cover up with a visually offensive case.

A Peel case is super thin and has no visible branding. It’s not uncommon for people to not realize you have a case on at all. The idea resonated and Peel went on to become a 7-figure a year minimal lifestyle brand still going strong today.

A Peel Case

At the start I had no idea what I was doing. This was my first attempt at making and selling a physical product and there were huge gaps in my understanding of how to do this well!

I snapped a pic of the first few orders coming in. Note the stripe connect tabs!

For the first year I was shipping out packages by hand. Writing each address with a sharpie and driving to the local post office. It got to the point where there would be audible sighs from the people working there every time I’d arrive because they knew it was going to take a while to ship everything. My apartment was slowly getting overrun with boxes of cases and shipping supplies. It was a fun time!

Pictured: Old apartment slowly getting overrun with boxes & shipping supplies.

Eventually we started to take Peel a bit more seriously. Marshall (my now podcast co-host) came in as CEO to help grow the company to the 7-figure business it is today.

As the company grew so did the product line. We applied the same core design philosophy that resonated with people for the Peel Cases (super thin, low profile, minimal branding) to other products. It was a really fun design challenge to try and strip back everything that makes a product what it is.

Me in our extremely On Brand™️ office

I left the day to day operations of Peel in 2017. Marshall still runs it and it is often the topic of discussion in our catchup calls.

This was the warehouse when I left in 2017. A far cry from my messy apartment in the early days.

And finally… Here’s a gif that shows what happened every time we received an order on the website. This was quite annoying and extremely disruptive to everybody.