ailyBooth was a social network designed around the webcam. Each user was encouraged to post a photo of themselves every day, along with a short text update about what happened. As a side effect of using the website they’d slowly create a flip book style video that would document their lives over time.

Some DailyBooth themed “booths” from the community.

With the help of programming legend Ryan Amos we launched the first version of DailyBooth in 2009 and people seemed to really like it. More people signed up than our shared VPS could handle and after maxing out a few credit cards trying to keep it online, we decided to apply to YCombinator on and hope for the best.

The interview was scary but went well. They invited us to move to California and join the S09 batch.

Left: Ryan. Right: Brian at the DailyBooth office in SF.

Some screenshots of the website.

Brian and I awkwardly accepting a “crunchie”