The Catchup Call: A Podcast

The Catchup Call is a podcast hosted by myself and my ex co-founder Marshall. Each episode is a real catchup call that we record. We catchup roughly every 2 weeks.

Marshall and I recording together IRL when we both lived in St. Louis.


The Catch Up Call
The Catch Up Call
Each episode is a real catchup call between 2 friends and ex-co-founders Marshall Haas and Jon Wheatley. In 2013 Marshall and Jon started a company together called Need/Want. Need/Want is a studio that created and launched a bunch of different e-commerce brands and startups. Marshall and Jon are no longer working together directly, but Marshall is an investor in Jon’s new startup, and Jon still has ownership in Need/Want. Each bi-weekly episode serves as a real catchup call. Marshall and Jon discuss things that have happened in the previous 2 weeks and swap notes.
#10 — Positioning Stopwatch against other social networks, how Peel navigated the iPhone 11 launch, an expensive sink hole, and more

In this call we cover…

Embracing time travel into the Stopwatch brand and features

Time network vs a social network 

Aesthetic inspiration for the onboarding video:

Some ideas to position stopwatch against other social networks

Navigating a potentially huge issue with a sink hole under the building 

The iPhone 11 Peel case launch 

How Marshall plans to get unlimited 2 for 1 tickets on flights 

We're @marshal & @jon on twitter.


I really enjoy doing this podcast with Marshall and I love that as a side effect of recording and uploading our calls I’m creating an audio backup of everything I’m working on.

In each call we discuss things that we’ve learned, or found interesting in the previous 2 weeks. Topics are mostly about design, product and business. We both try to be pretty open about the stuff we’re working on and share as much as possible.

Marshall and I have worked a lot of different things together. He now runs Peel and he’s an investor in stopwatch. We usually have a lot to talk about.

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