Designing an explosive iOS puzzle game

    This post is part of a series about failed projects. I have almost a decade's worth of failed and abandoned projects in my dropbox folder. Each with a load of random assets that other people might find useful.

    The plan is to share the details about what went wrong, and why the project never went anywhere. I hope it's interesting!

    The Game Mechanics

    Back during the app store gold rush I tried, and failed, to make an iOS game. The game was going to be called C4 (as in, C4 explosives).

    The mechanices were inspired by one of my favorite games growing up, Metal Gear Solid. In that game you could study the path that guards took and sneak past them. It was gratifying slowly planning your route from a dark corner and executing it perfectly.

    The basic premise of C4 was similar. The player surveys the enemy base location and tries to strategically place C4 around the map, aiming to set off a chain reaction to destroy as many enemies as possible in one explosion.


    The basic gameplay mechanics demonstrated

    Each enemy model would have different characteristics. Some would take multiple hits to kill, some would create huge explosions, and some would shoot the weapon that they're holding.

    Why this never happened

    I made a video depicting how the gameplay should work and shopped the idea around to a few developers. I was hoping that it would be possible to make something for around $10,000, but after getting some quotes back, I learned if I wanted to do it right, it would have probably have cost closer to $100,000.

    The game would need to be pretty popular to make anywhere close to that in the app store.


    You can grab the charecter assets that were created for the game here. I think this concept has some potential. If you're a developer and end up making something like this please let me know so I can play it!

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    Designing an explosive iOS puzzle game

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