Bio & History

    Early days

    I’ve always been obsessed with making stuff. I first got interested in technology and the internet when I realized that you could make a website and people all over the world could check out what you built. That was insanely cool at the time, and it's still insanely cool now that I think about it.

    I started making websites for fun as a teenager, staying up all night, drinking Red Bull from a cupboard, and messing around on the internet. (pictured below).


    (The Cupboard. Note the copious amounts of Red Bull...)

    One of my little websites slowly started to grow and it turned into a little business. It made just enough to let me justify to myself that maybe not going to college was OK.

    At the time I wasn't sure that I could turn messing around on the Internet and making stuff into a career but luckily it sort of turned into one.


    A peek inside my "projects" Dropbox folder.

    I worked on a lot of different stuff. I made games, websites, physical products and apps. Most of it was terrible and I cringe thinking about it now, but every so often I stumbled onto something that resonated with people.


    In 2009 I launched a social network with a friend in the US. It was called DailyBooth. The idea was that every day you'd come to the site and post a picture of yourself along with a short blurb about what happened that day. You could follow other people and keep track of their lives too.


    DailyBooth grew quicker than Ryan and I thought it would. We ended up raising money from some great investors, hired some awesome people, and built a really passionate community of a few million users.

    Ultimately we didn't grow fast enough and the team was acquhired by airbnb.

    It was a blast. And it got me out of my cupboard and into the USA!


    In 2014 I started working on a new company with another friend. This company would mirror what I had been doing most of my career. Our plan was to work on lots of different projects at once, killing the stuff that didn't work and doubling down on the stuff that did.


    This was our all-black conference room called "The Black Box".

    At Need/Want We launched a bedding company (acquired 2017), a digital notebook company (acquired 2016), a virtual assistant company (failed), and a minimal lifestyle brand called Peel which we grew to an $8m /yr product business.


    Every day for the past 5 years I’ve been making and posting a gif of what I’m doing at exactly the same time. You can view that project here.


    I'm working on a new startup that will be launching soon.

    My plan is to try and document my projects on this blog, sharing the stuff that works and the stuff that doesn't. I also have a load of assets from failed projects that never ended up launching that I will be slowly putting up for download.

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    ...Or email me!.